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Every day

Pick Up

Airport / Bus station

Min pax: 2


Call Us: +51 990 757584


What to bring

✓ Metal canteen 1lt

✓ Towel for face and hands

✓ Toiletries and personal medications

✓ Trekking shoes, tennis shoes and flip flops

✓ Flashlight, spare battery, adapter and charger

✓ Cabana or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen

✓ Insect repellent (recommended with 40% or more DEET)

✓ Raincoat, poncho and umbrella

✓ Loose-fitting clothing in ecological colors (not white): long-sleeved shirts, long pants, cotton socks and underwear, bathing suit.

✓ Warm clothes when cold fronts

✓ Binoculars; Minimum increase of 8×25, with strap to be worn around the neck

✓ Image camera, adapter and charger; with strap to be worn around the neck

✓ Large backpack and backpack, plastic bags.

✓ Toilet paper for the first day of the trip, in a plastic bag

✓ Small denominations of money for incidentals and tips

  • Hosting service
  • Orientation
  • Transportation
  • Food

  • Bar consumption
  • Extra expenses


Reception at the airport or bus station and transfer to the office for relevant information on the tour. Transfer to the port where we will take the boat for an hour to our hostel. Welcome meeting with a refreshing fruit juice from our region. Installation in our respective rooms. After a short rest, you will have a two-hour introductory walk in the dense tropical forest, led by an expert local guide who will take you through our trails to see a variety of trees that can be more than five hundred years old, at the same time. weather. You will be able to observe some species of wild animals such as toucans, orioles, parrots, monkeys, snakes, butterflies, etc. You will have the opportunity to experience the magic of our Amazon Jungle within the Tambopata National Reserve (278,000 hectares protected under Peruvian law). After lunch, we will visit the "Isla de los Monos", located in front of our lodge on the other side of the Madre de Dios River, in this place there are different species of monkeys, such as the brown capuchin, the squirrel monkey, the marmoset and the white cappuccino, all of them on the island after the activity we will return to the lodge. At night we go looking for alligators, they are usually on the banks of the Madre de Dios River, this time you will need to bring a flashlight. With luck we will be able to see the capybara, the largest rodent in the world that can weigh 60 kilos, an impressive family of the Peruvian guinea pig; return to the hostel, dinner and night in the hostel.

After an early breakfast we will take a short boat ride to the entrance of Lake Sandoval, after registering at the checkpoint we will walk 3 kilometers (approx. 2 miles) to Lake Sandoval (piranha habitat) one of the largest in the National Tambopata. Reserve, after the pleasant walk, the guide will board a rowing boat where we will have our navigation in the lake to appreciate different species of birds and monkeys (Hoatzin Jacanas cormorant, puma heron, eagles, howler monkey, squirrel monkey, black capuchin, marmosets and sloths). Perhaps we will meet the family of giant river otters (almost two meters long) that are in danger of extinction and the largest recorded caiman of more than 4 meters long, return to the lodge to enjoy a typical lunch . In the afternoon we will take a night walk where we will be able to appreciate the diversity of insects, amphibians, reptiles and other nocturnal animals. - Dinner and rest

Morning in the jungle. The canopy Walk-Way, will allow us to see the tropical jungle from a different perspective, about 30 meters high, the bridges will allow us to appreciate nature from a great height, we will have a panoramic view of the Madre de Dios River. From platforms you can observe different species of birds such as toucans, macaws. Breakfast and return to the city.

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