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Discover the beautiful South Valley of Cusco in Peru and explore pre-Inca, Inca and colonial-era attractions during this full-day guided tour from Cusco with a private Peru Spirit Adventure expert guide by your side! This tour of the south valley of Cusco is perfect for those travelers looking for off-the-beaten-path stops to learn about Peruvian culture and history, it is also perfect for people who want to escape the crowded or popular sites of Cusco and enjoy the peace and beauty of this wonderful Andean paradise.

What to bring

✓ Passport

✓ Money for tickets and meals

✓ Sun screen

✓ Raincoat or poncho

✓ Water

✓ Camera

  • Pick up from the hotel to start our trip
  • Private transportation
  • Professional bilingual guide (English/Spanish)

  • Entrances
  • Lunch
  • Drinks


After your breakfast at your hotel, we will pick you up in our private transport to begin the Tour Valle Sur Cusco experience. This private tour to Tipon, Pikillacta and Andahuaylillas from Cusco will take you to some of the most beautiful ancient constructions that are a bit off the beaten path. We start driving through the city of Cusco towards the three ancient wonders of Peru located in the South Valley of Cusco. Our first stop will be THE INCA RUINS OF TIPON, it is one of the great wonders of Inca hydraulic engineering, famous for its aqueducts, canals, fountains that are arranged on the terraces, all carefully made by the Quechua people "Incas". In addition, the Inca ruins of Tipon also have the most elaborate examples of agricultural terraces created by the Incas and are made up of baths, a temple complex, canals, aqueducts, and high terraces. The Tipón Archaeological Complex is located 24 km southeast of Cusco and is definitely one of the least visited sites in the Cusco area, but it is just as impressive as those in the Sacred Valley. Today, the Tipón Archaeological Complex has been distinguished as a marvel of civil engineering by the American Society of Civil Engineering. We will spend about an hour in Tipón. Next, we go to PIKILLACTA, it is a pre-Inca archaeological site that belongs to the Wari culture and was built around the years 700 to 900 AD, the pre-Inca site was once a seat of worship and an administrative center for the great pre-Inca people. Wari culture. In addition, in the area you can see qolcas (food warehouses), athletic fields, houses, temples, narrow streets and buildings up to four stories high. The pre-Inca archaeological site of Pikillacta is a good example of his planned urban engineering. There is also a small Inca site a few steps from Pikillacta, known as Rumicolca, a travel checkpoint for the Incas. General. The pre-Inca Wari culture is the second largest empire in South America after the Inca empire, well known for its great urban layout, which was the architectural key to inheriting the Inca empire. After exploring the pre-Inca site of Pikillacta, we continue to Andahuaylillas. Finally, we will visit ANDAHUAYLILLAS - it is an amazing 17th century colonial church "the Church of San Pedro Apóstol", located in the town of Andahuaylillas in the southeast of Cusco. This colonial-era church houses golden altars, paintings with its murals that cover the walls and ceiling. The artwork is so fine that the church is called "the Sistine Chapel of the Americas" and was made by the local Quechuas during the colony of Spain. You can also appreciate some paintings from the famous “Escuela Cuzqueña”. After our fascinating South Valley Cusco Tour, we will return to Cusco. The whole trip takes about 5 and a half hours. For our lunch, we will stop in Saylla where we will find some typical restaurants to enjoy pork rinds or roast guinea pig (if you don't want to eat, skip it), at the end of the tour, we will transfer back to your hotel.

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