Vertigo Travel Peru is a peruvian tour company stablished since 16th of May 2012 with the heads of Yanet Pumahuillca Manager and Jaime Campana León Sales Manager its offers a varieties of tours as official tour operator in the Manu National Park touristic Area, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu Inca citadel, Rainbow Mountain, Humantay Lakem, Cusco city tours and more different designed to the single or couple travelers, family or friends groups a high experience and memories, amazing and exciting more into the local atmosphere, authentic and vivid. We own the Dorado Lodge locates of the Alto Madre de Dios left hand side with private toilets on each bungalow, dining room kitchen service and a very long trail system.


Vertigo Travel Peru as a formal tour agency offers the guarantee about the planning, organization and monitoring of all the operations and activities from every tour. We have every specific department for every function like marketing, accountancy, operations and bookings. We are monitoring and coordinating the operations from our services providers, we help our customers on luggage loss, documentation, changing itineraries and services like about health, financial and any other situation and our crew are always locatable and available which is an international standard; we do pre departure explanation for our customers staying, offering tours and others; we do service questionnaires for the satisfaction to constantly improve our services; we solve all the complaints about our sold services. Vertigo Travel Peru is aware to be an environmental friendly and social responsible as well as in constant updating company.


Casa Matsiguenka is an eco-tourism initiative. It is launched by the two main Matsiguenka communities from the Manu river head waters in the 1990s. Along with the support of German-based NGO, they established the lodge as a pilot project in the biosphere reserve zone. The mission of the project is conservation and the income generation for the two main Matsiguenka communities residents of the park. The eco-lodge is an initiative to render inhabitants a way to participate in jungle tours and strengthen their culture. To reach the lodge, it might take 6 hours upriver from the Limonal Ranger Post. But you will have the chance to reside in the heart of one of the wildest places on Earth! Explore amazingly different wildlife in its natural habitat. This will make your stay a most memorable event of your life. Casa Matsiguenka provides electricity by solar panels 24 hours, it is possible because the CYTED Proyect.